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Is hosting for you?

Do you have a home in a safe and well maintained area?

Are you near public transportation?

Are you culturally accepting and ready for a cultural exchange?

Do you have a nice and comfortable room for a guest?

Are you open to having another person in your home that would be like a family member?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then hosting might be right for you!


One of our Homestay Managers will personally interview you and assist you in completing your application.

Complete the contact form and a manager will contact you.

Hosting and Hospitality

Hospitality is key to hosting, and it really is a gift. It is one of the most important characteristics that we look for when selecting a host.


Phone Interview and Q&A

Attend an informational training session

Home Interview and Inspection (Once we have a possible student to match for homestay)

Sign Host Agreement

Background Check (Every adult in the home over 18 years old)

Pre-Move In Checklist

Check In Calls During Homestay Placement

Contact Form


Email Address*



Do Host Family International Homestay, LLC

Phone: +1 (910) 233-6021 I Email:

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